Foams & Sundries

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We can supply you with new foams of any size, shape and grade. If ordered on a Monday, they will be ready to collect by Tuesday.

We can supply foam, feather or hollow fibre inners to fit your existing covers or you can have inners made to your own specification. If you prefer us to measure your covers for you just bring them along and we will do the rest.

Our prices are extremely competitive, simply call us with your dimensions and ask for a quote.

It is advisable to have your foams wrapped in polyester dracon with a stockinette cover.  This ensures comfort and easy insert of the foam.


  • Webbing
  • Springs
  • Calico
  • Horse hair
  • Backing cloth
  • Polyester wadding
  • Tacks and decorative studs
  • Foams and cushion fillings
  • Shaped mattresses, caravans etc.
  • Linings
  • Fabrics